SERVICE: model M keyboard cleaning and disassembly / reassembly repair



Service includes

  • Testing and inspection of keyboard to isolate mechanical and/or electrical problems
  • Sonic cleaning of all 101 key covers and detail cleaning of internal keyboard frame and exterior keyboard case surfaces.
  • Removal of all 56 plastic rivets and installation of 56 screws to increase internal structural fit (aka bolt mod/screw mod).
  • Identify any missing or broken parts (key covers, LEDs, wiring.
  • Reassembly and re-testing to confirm 100% function before shipping back to customer.
  • Warranty of work for 1-year
  • ** flat rate $105 service exclusive of additional parts that might be required (replace internal frame, replace springs, replace electrical membrane, replace PCB, replace SDL cable)


Please first contact us via email or contact form to discuss your project and to confirm service availability and estimated turn-around time (typically 10-14 days, based on overall workload).

For example of typical restoration workflow, see link


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 4 in