PC/XT (5-pin DIN) to ps/2 active converter (Hagstrom)


The Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. KE-XTUSB converter accepts a standard XT style keyboard input and produces USB Keyboard output.

Adapt the vintage XT keyboard you have to be a USB keyboard.

Product Details

  • Includes 5 pin DIN Female to 6 pin miniDIN adapter & USB cable
  • Connects in line with your XT keyboard and the PC’s USB Port
  • Uses standard USB drivers, no special drivers required
  • Powered from the PC USB Port, no external power needed
  • Translates all XT keyboard key actions into their USB equivalents
  • Use with any PC that supports the USB keyboard prototol
  • Great way to keep using that favorite vintage XT keyboard
  • Small enclosure can be mounted in a convenient location