original IBM model M top case with IBM blue logo


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Replacement original IBM model M top case with IBM blue logo
– suitable replacement for 1391401 (1989 – 1993), 52G9658, 52G9700, 82G2383
– could also be used for earlier 1390131 or 1391401 (1987-1989) or most any other 101-key Enhanced Model M keyboard, but these earlier keyboards had different IBM badges.
– item cleaned and inspected for no cracks, no scratches, no ink marks, intact internal plastic clips, logo sticker and intact LED indicator stickers

Note: Case would technically fit on a IBM/Lexmark 42H1292 keyboards or on later Unicomp variants, but note that the original LED lock indicators for Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock in the original model M keyboards are in a significantly different placements and the LED cut-out holes would not match.



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