model M SDL to ps/2 white cable 36in (standard) new

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length: (standard length) 36-48 inches
ps/2 connector to SDL (IBM model M keyboard connector)

Keyboard cables came from used IBM model M 1390131 keyboards and verified to be in very good working condition.

Coiled cable still is very good, un-stretched condition and SDL clips are both intact.

Connector assembly having improved internal latching system Hayes & Weidler 1984link to full text of US Patent 4,458,973
Electrical connector assembly comprises a plug and a receptacle which has a plug receiving opening extending into its mating face. The plug has latch arms extending from its endwalls adjacent to the leading end of the plug. The latch arms extend divergently and have rearwardly facing shoulders intermediate the ends and handle portions extending from the shoulders to the free ends. Ears extend from the free ends towards the endwalls and are offset from the adjacent plug sidewall so that the latch arms can be flexed towards the plug endwalls for unlatching. The receptacle opening has shoulders therein for engagement with the plug shoulders.


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Dimensions6 × 6 × 2 in