model M internal keyboard assembly (bolt/screw modded)

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Drop-in replacement internal model M keyboard assembly.
Melted plastic rivets have been removed and bolt-mod/screw work already done (56 M2 screws have been pre-drilled and installed.)

Suitable for those who already have a broken model M with bad rivets and/or bad membrane circuit and they want a DIY project to replace internal assembly and then re-use their existing external case parts, key caps and key stems, controller electronics, SDL cable, etc.

Buyer will need to be familiar with use of hand tools (5.5m nut driver to open the keyboard case’s 4 screws) and be willing to disconnect internal flex cables and remove plastic keys from old keyboard and reinstall them on new keyboard.  No directions or no instructions provided, but see photo library for closeup images of the internals of a model M keyboard.

See also (, if you want to send in your keyboard for service and would rather us do all the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly work.


  • 101 buckling springs/pivot plates. installed (new)
  • 56 M2 screws , installed(new)
  • IBM/Lexmark model M plastic barrel frame, pre-drilled, installed (new)
  • curved metal plate, installed (new)
  • Unicomp keyboard circuit, installed(new)
  • stabilizer inserts (5 horizontal, 2 vertical numpad), installed (new)
  • grounding screw + 6mm nut, installed (to ground PCB controller)

Does not include PCB logic board controller, 3-LED assembly



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Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 4 in