(lot of 2) IBM model F keyboards XT (IBM 5155 portable)

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part#(from IBM 5155 portable personal computer)
serial#no visible serial number stickers apparent
dateno visible date stickers apparent, approximately 1984
IBM logo silver logo with black text (IBM portable personal computer)
cableattached, black coiled cable, 5-pin RJ-11 type telephone connector
Similar to the heavy-duty keyboard for the IBM 5150 (2.69kg), this is the “lighter” keyboard for the IBM 5155 portable (2.49kg) ::sarcasm::  Total weight of the IBM 5155 computer + keyboard was 13.6 kg or 30 pounds
Excerpt from the original IBM announcement “The IBM Portable Personal Computer 5155 Model 68 consists of a lightweight case with a carrying handle containing a built-in. 9-inch, amber composite display, one 5 1/4-inch double sided diskette drive (with space for an optional second drive), and two IBM Personal Computer attachment options (diskette adapter and color/graphics adapter).  The unit also has a new, lightweight keyboard and a universal power supply.”
conditionItem is tested and confirmed to be working (unlike other sellers, we would never sell an IBM keyboard “as-is” or “unable to test” or “parts only”.  Keyboard confirmed to be working when using a RJ-11 type to 5-pin DIN custom cable, 5-pin DIN to ps/2 min-DIN adapter, and XT to USB converter.  These adapters and converters are not included in the sale of the keyboard.  We highly recommend the commercially available XT to USB converter made by our friends at Hagstrom Electronics and available for purchase directly on their website or the following converter by Soarer/Orihalcon.
commentsVery nice example of IBM industrial design from 1980’s.  As shown by IBM forward thinking of IBM mechanical serviceability and interchangeable parts, the physical keys on this 1984 keyboard are removable and are the same exact shape and profile as those used on the original IBM XT, the original IBM AT, and throughout the duration of model M keyboards that were produced for the IBM ps/2 series of computers from 1985 – 1999.  The lettering is very clear and embedded into the plastic.  Unlike other vintage computers (such as Apple), IBM knew their chemical engineering and chose plastics that were not subject to yellowing or browning over time due to UV/oxidation effects.

Sale is for two keyboards and one RJ-11 to XT cable.

(one keyboard has ok RJ11 connector, the other keyboard has an RJ11 connector missing the plastic tab)

(IBM 5155 can be used on a modern PC computer, but requires use of some additional adapters and converters — NOT included in sale, illustrated here only for reference and for proof of concept that keyboard can be made to work on a modern PC)


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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 3 in