IBM Personal Computer/AT original 5170 model F keyboard + 5-pin DIN to ps/2 + ps/2 to USB converter

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part# IBM Personal Computer/AT model 5170 IBM model F keyboard
serial# 271062810
date 07/11/88
IBM logo black text on silver logo
cable attached, straight cable, AT connector
key caps removable as one piece
key switches buckling spring
Includes 5-pin DIN to ps/2 adapter and ps/2 to USB converter. Keyboard is in used condition, but has been carefully cleaned and tested to work 100%
condition  Do not confuse this with an IBM XT 83-key keyboard, which will not work with a traditional PC.  This is an original IBM AT 84-key keyboard that will still work with any modern PC system (use AT to ps/2 adapter).
comments Mechanical key switches are VERY clicky (more so than IBM model M)

Note: Price is for one single IBM model F PC/AT 84-key keyboard that has been restored and tested.  The second model F keyboard (dirty) in some of the photos is for key location reference as we reassembled the first keyboard..

comments features include
F1-F10 on left-side (as opposed to standard F1-F12 on upper row)
reduced size of “alt” and “backspace” key
change in position of “alt” and “Caps Lock”, Esc, Scroll Lock, Prt Screen)
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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in