IBM PC AT original keyboard + original box

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part#IBM PC-AT keyboard
dateapproximately 1984 – 1985
IBM logo black text on silver logo
cableattached, straight cable, AT connector
key caps removable as one piece
key switches buckling spring
Includes original IBM Personal Computer AT keyboard cardboard outer Box (6450200) in good condition.  Keyboard cable in remarkable excellent condition with stryofoam still attached.  Keyboard is in used condition, but has been carefully cleaned and tested to work 100%
condition Do not confuse this with an IBM XT 83-key keyboard, which will not work with a traditional PC.  This is an original IBM AT 84-key keyboard that will still work with any modern PC system (use AT to ps/2 adapter).
commentsMechanical key switches are VERY clicky (more so than IBM model M)
commentsfeatures include
F1-F10 on left-side (as opposed to standard F1-F12 on upper row)
reduced size of “” and “backspace” key
change in position of “” and “Caps Lock”, Esc, Scroll Lock, Prt Screen)



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