IBM model M 84-key (space saving) 1391472 10 SEP 87


part# 1391472
serial# 2105576
date 10 SEP 87 (28 years old)
IBM logo black text on white logo
cable IBM SDL to ps/2 cable included (standard length cable)
key caps removable (one part key stem + key cap)
key switches clicky = buckling spring
condition Very nice specimen of IBM original model M space saving keyboard in 84-key format (no number pad).
comments Keyboard pre-selected as good candidate and passed initial testing to confirm mechanical condition.  Upper keyboard case disassembled and individual 101 keys have been removed and fully cleaned by hand.  Inspection of interior plate.  Any missing rivets drilled out and replaced with M2 precision screws to restore internal integrity.  Interior plate vacuumed to remove foreign debris.  Keyboard re-assembled and re-tested post-cleaning. Individual photography of external and internal parts of the keyboard (see actual photos below).
comments Similar to the classic 1391401 or 42H1292 buckling spring keyboards, but this keyboard only has 84 keys and does not have numeric keypad.  You can still switch to numeric keypad mode by using the key combination of “SHIFT” + “NUM LK/SCR LK” keys (between print screen and pause keys.)

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Weight 8 lbs