IBM buckling spring assembly (set of 10)


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Do you have an IBM model M keyboard that you want to restore to working condition?

Need a few buckling springs to complete the repair.

see following webpages for more background info about the process:

Excellent Youtube video on IBM Model M Keyboard Restoration and Rivet Replacement

The price is $3.00 for a set of 10 units.  Springs are IBM original parts taken from model M keyboards that had cosmetic damage to plastic case and/or electrical damage to internal components.

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However, if you *just* need a few sets of buckling springs, do not use our automatic checkout because it will not calculate shipping for orders less than $15.00.

Customers within the United States can send us $9.50 via PayPal to and we will ship a set of 10 springs in an appropriate padded envelope via USPS parcel post.

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