Dynamite DYN2803 Nut Driver 5.5mm (Made in Taiwan)


5.5mm = 7/32″ nutdriver.  The correct size and shape to open (and pwn) IBM model M keyboards

Have you ever wanted to get inside your IBM model M keyboard to deep clean it or to check the internal state of the wiring or to do a complete bolt/screw mod.

If you have previously tried to use a standard mechanic’s socket wrench or needle-nose pliers or standard wrench.. you know those will NOT work.  Those standard tools are simply too thick.

The Dynamite nutdriver hand tool will reach inside the recessed holes on the model M case and access the 7/32″ screws to all you to unlock and open the keyboard.  Opening the keyboard allows you to remove the electronics and vacuum and wash the exterior front and rear plastic cases in the sink.

We restore 300+ model M keyboards every year and we have found this nutdriver made by Dynamite to be a good quality tool and allowing the right amount of torque during disassembly and assembly.

(if you can’t open it.. do you really own it?)

7/32″ = .21875 inches
5.5mm = .21653 inches

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 4 × 1 in