2004 Unicomp model M Manufactured for G.E. Medical Systems Cardiac Cath

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part# UNZ3418
date Jun 18, 2004 (14 years old)
logo GE marquette
cable attached ps/2 keyboard cable (not removable)
key caps removable (two piece, key stem + key cap)
key switches clicky = buckling spring
Designed when “real” typing on a quality keyboard was a required skill to use a $5000 IBM personal computer.
(pre-dates the then new mouse-click and graphical user interface operating system later to be known as Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 95)
condition Upper keyboard case and individual keys
have been removed and fully cleaned by hand.
comments Keyboard originally attached to medical equipment in cardiac cath lab.  Unique key caps, but works just like a normal keyboard when connected.   Key lettering in excellent condition and shows no wear.  This keyboard is tested to work 100% .  Majority of keys are one piece (keycap integrated into key stem.  Number pad keys in yellow are 2-part key cap + key stem).

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Weight 6.1 lbs

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