1999 IBM model M13 industrial trackpoint keyboard


part# 06H4173
serial# U00021994
date 02/04/99
IBM logo blue text on gray background
condition brand new in original factory sealed box
origin  Made in USA Mfg by Unicomp Inc for IBM
keyboard color IBM describes color as industrial gray, but we think it looks more like military olive drab
cable attached, coiled cable, ps/2 connector for keyboard and for mouse.

Can be used on modern computer with only USB ports with purchase of additional ps/2 to USB adapters (available for purchase) (Can even be used on a Apple Macintosh with USB ports)

key caps removable as one piece
key switches clicky = buckling spring
grade brand new, sealed in original box
comments very rare IBM model M keyboard to find brand new in original new condition.

IBM produced a line of ruggedized computers known as the IBM industrial ps/2 line.

This keyboard is similar to standard 1391401 keyboard, but has integrated trackpoint pointing device, additional drainage holes on bottom of keyboard to reduce spill damage, includes set of 4 trackpoint covers (2 red and 2 black).

Utilizes Unicomp’s 1999 “force sensing resistor” trackpoint technology, in contrast to proprietary IBM 1995 – 1998 “strain gauge” trackpoint design.


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 3 in