1998 IBM model M13 keyboard (13H6705) 03/13/98 *(no trackpoint)

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date3/13/98 (18 years old)
IBM logosilver text on black background
cableattached, coiled cable, ps/2 connector for keyboard and for mouse. Can be used on modern computer with only USB ports with purchase of additional ps/2 to USB adapters
key capsremovable as one piece
key switchesclicky = buckling spring
gradeKeyboard in fair-good condition.   Integrated trackpoint erase-head mouse broken at the base of the keyboard and not functional.
conditionKeyboard sold at discount due to being found to be in fair condition (keyboard typing function works 100% and black model M keyboard case is intact and in good condition), but trackpoint does not work and keyboard cable has additional gray vinyl repair tape).  White lettering in poor condition with excessive wear and keys not cleaned. Original Esc key replaced with Esc printed red key by Unicomp.
commentsvery rare IBM model M keyboard. Of the tens of thousands of buckling-spring keyboards that IBM produced from 1985 – 1999, this is the only series (model M13) that comes in IBM stealth black color. Similar to traditional 1391401 keyboard, but added trackpoint pointing device.

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Weight9 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 3 in