1996 IBM Model F keyboard (1397950) 3/14/96 (83-key) NEW

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part#IBM model F (83-key keyboard)
date3/14/96 (26 years old). “3.14 = pi day”

heavy weight: 7 pounds, 5 oz = 3.3 kilos of keyboard business


IBM logo silver logo with black text
metal steel back case (painted white)
cableattached, gray coiled cable, 14/15-pin connector
conditionKeyboard in excellent new condition for an artifact that is 26 years old.

Unable to test keyboard, but we can confirm that it came brand new from trusted IBM source.  If you can build a converter, let us know.

key switches VERY clicky = buckling spring.
Model F capacitive buckling-spring.
commentsFeet extend in three positions (fully retracted, partially extended, fully extended).  Metal shiny internal plate (zinc galvanized steel). 

Gray keyboard cable in very good coiled condition with metal end. 

Keyboard will ship with original IBM styrofoam inside IBM box to keep dimensional weight shipping reasonable at 28″x13″x5″.  If buyer wants keyboard to be double-boxed, contact us for additional shipping and materials quote at 28.5″x 17″ x 5.5″.



Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions28 × 13 × 5 in