1995 Lexmark model M15 (ergonomic) 1428401 + external num pad 22 NOV 1995

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part# 1428401
serial# 0003533
date 22 November 1995 (14 years old)
IBM logo LEXMARK logo
cable attached cable with ps/2 connector
key switches clicky = buckling spring
comments Item is used, ultra-rare Options for IBM model M15 in very good/excellent condition.  Includes rare hard-to-find external numpad. (part # 1403599)
comments Keyboard is unique in that it is the only mechanical buckling-spring keyboard made by IBM that is fully adjustable in terms of ergonomic position. The two halves of keyboard are connected at ball-joint and can be separated into two separate pieces. Split space bar has erase-eaze feature. Keyboard can be also adjusted to various heights to accommodate most comfortable typing angle to alleviate stress on hands, wrists and arms.
comments Very few were ever made by IBM. Ergonomic keyboards are always very expensive compared to traditional keyboards… but we figure it is easier to buy an ergonomic keyboard than to pay an orthopedic surgeon to surgically operate and to rebuild your hand/wrist/arm.

Of the 4000+ keyboards that we have sold, this is only the 12th IBM model M-15 ergonomic keyboard that we have seen and the only one that comes with the external numpad.

Very limited item. One previous buyer was a developer from Google in Mountain View, another was to an engineer from “1 Infinite Loop”, third was to an orthopedic surgeon/ergonomics expert from New York, one was a dedicated vintage keybaord collector from Tokyo, Japan one was sent to www.dansdata.com for their hardware review.


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