1995 IBM model M122 battleship (1397979) 05/05/95

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part# 1397979 (122 key model M)
serial# 0000269
date 05/05/95 (27 years old)
IBM logo silver text on black background
cable attached, coiled cable, 240-degree DIN connector.
To connect to a modern computer via USB,
we endorse and highly recommend the additional purchase of the following:
Soarer’s converter by Orihalcon:  (ebay link).
USB converter not included with purchase.
Don’t confuse the 240-degree DIN connector
with the AT/XT style connectors which have 180-degree pin orientation.
key caps removable (two piece, key stem + key cap)
key switches clicky = buckling spring
Keyboard has been tested with Soarer’s converter
*converter not included.
condition Keyboard pre-selected as good candidate and passed initial testing to confirm mechanical condition. Upper keyboard case disassembled and individual 122 keys have been removed and fully cleaned by hand. Inspection of interior plate. All plastic rivets drilled out and replaced with M2 precision screws to restore internal integrity.  Interior plate vacuumed to remove foreign debris. Keyboard re-assembled and re-tested post-cleaning. Individual photography of rear label. Photo gallery of typical restoration workflow.


comments This keyboard is tested to work 100%.
The keyboard assembly has been confirmed to be in functional, operational condition.
comments For additional information and video review about these 122-key keyboards by Chyrosran22.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in