1995 IBM model M Soft Touch (8184692) Manufactured for IBM by Lexmark 12/15/95

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part# 8184692
serial# 0003305
date 12/15/95
IBM logo black text on white with text “IBM Soft Touch Keyboard”
condition keyboard is used equipment
origin Made in the USA
Extremely rare variant of IBM model M keyboard.  Keyboard mechanism is buckling spring NON-CLICKY with sound-dampening grease injected within each of the 101 individual buckling spring mechanisms.

Precison, progressive-spring, tactile feel but without click sound of normal buckling spring.

cable removable, coiled cable, ps/2 connector  (new cable, long length)
key caps two-piece removable (key cap + key stem)
key switches clicky = buckling spring
comments Very rare keyboard.  We have only collected and sold a total of only 7 other soft-touch buckling spring keyboards among the 6000+ keyboards that we have sold since we have been in business.
comments Keyboard has built-in internal speaker (not controllable or accessible by Windows operating system, probably a special feature used for system beeps associated with the original IBM computer that this keyboard was bundled with). 




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