1994 IBM model M Soft Touch (8184692) Manufactured for IBM by Lexmark 06-OCT-94

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IBM logo black text on white with text “IBM Soft Touch Keyboard”
conditionkeyboard is used equipment
originMade in the USA
Extremely rare variant of IBM model M keyboard.  Keyboard mechanism is buckling spring NON-CLICKY with sound-dampening grease injected within each of the 101 individual buckling spring mechanisms.

Precision, progressive-spring, tactile feel but without click sound of normal buckling spring.

cableremovable, coiled cable, ps/2 connector  (new, standard length)
key caps two-piece removable (key cap + key stem)
key switches soft clicky = greased buckling spring
commentsVery rare keyboard.  We have only collected and sold a total of only 11 other soft-touch buckling spring keyboards among the 7200+ keyboards that we have sold since we have been in business.
commentsKeyboard has built-in internal speaker (not controllable or accessible by Windows operating system, probably a special feature used for system beeps associated with the original IBM computer that this keyboard was bundled with).    Has evidence of prior repair to plastic case.  Keyboard has some minor scratches in the case that are not removable by cleaning.  Includes OEM Styrofoam packaging (as seen in photos)





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