1994 IBM model M (1391401) Made for IBM by Lexmark 14-NOV-94


part# 1391401 (exterior box part number 1393990 14-NOV-94)
serial# 8990315
date 14-NOV-94 (28 years old)
IBM logo blue logo on gray background
cable removable SDL, coiled cable, ps/2 connector (new cable, long length)
key caps removable (two part, key stem + key cap)


key switches clicky (buckling spring)
condition Keyboard is brand new with original IBM styrofoam packaging, has never been used.  On quality assurance inspection, original taped seals have been opened in order to confirm that keyboard is in original 100% condition and not DOA.  Item has photographed and carefully tested to ensure that 28 year old keyboard is in original new condition.  
comments All 56 plastic rivets drilled out and replaced with M2 precision screws to restore internal integrity.




Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in

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