1994 IBM model M (1370477) Made by Lexmark 25-JUL-94 with new Unicomp APL keyset

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part# 1370477
serial# 5037855
date 25-JUL-94 (27 years old)
condition keyboard is used equipment.
origin Manufactured for IBM by Kexmark.  Made in the USA
IBM logo blue logo on gray background
Designed when “real” typing on a quality keyboard was a required skill to use a $4000 IBM personal computer.  PC Mag link
(pre-dates the then new mouse-click and graphical user interface operating system later to be known as Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 95)
cable removable SDL, coiled cable, ps/2 connector (used cable, standard length)
key caps removable (one piece key stem integrated into key cap) (NEW keycaps with APL keyset from Unicomp $35 value)
key switches clicky (buckling spring)

APL syntax and symbols (Wikipedia) The programming language APL is distinctive in being symbolic rather than lexical: its primitives are denoted by symbols, not words. These symbols were originally devised as a mathematical notation to describe algorithms.[1] APL programmers often assign informal names when discussing functions and operators (for example, product for ×/) but the core functions and operators provided by the language are denoted by non-textual symbols.

condition Keyboard pre-selected as good candidate and passed initial testing to confirm mechanical condition. Upper keyboard case disassembled and individual 101 keys have been removed and fully cleaned by hand. Inspection of interior plate. All 56 plastic rivets drilled out and replaced with M2 precision screws to restore internal integrity.  Interior plate vacuumed to remove foreign debris.Keyboard re-assembled and re-tested post-cleaning. Individual photography of rear label. Photo gallery of typical restoration workflow.
comments This keyboard is tested to work 100%

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in

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