1994 Dell model M (new logo) (1369050) 06-APR-94

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serial#5012616| 06 APR 94
IBM logo newer style Dell logo gray text with E at an angle
Manufacted by Lexmark
cableattached coiled cable, ps/2 connector 
key caps removable (one piece key cap integrated into key stem)
key switches clicky (buckling spring)
keyboard is used equipment.
Upper keyboard case and individual keys
have been removed and fully cleaned by hand.
conditionIn 1991 Dell was still a small custom-build computer shop in Texas.  Originally founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, it did not launch the popular www.dell.com until 1994.
commentsThis 1991 keyboard is an early example of how Dell would re-brand or have other component companies construct computer parts (in this case Lexmark), and then have Dell logos applied.  This item is essentially an IBM 1391401 keyboard.