1993 IBM model M5-2 trackball (52G9757) 05-07-93

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part# 59G9757 IBM model M5-2
serial# 0003322 | 05-07-1993
IBM logo blue text on gray background
cable removable coiled cable, specialized dual-head ps/2 connector for keyboard and ps/2 for mouse
key caps two part (key stem + key cap)
key switches buckling spring = clicky
comments This keyboard is tested to work 100% and would make nice addition to vintage computer collection.  Or would be useful in environments where there is no room on the desktop for normal use of mouse.  Also an alternate solution for those who cannot use a traditional mouse (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome)
comments Keyboard has integrated trackball (like on old 1980’s video games or on very early “luggable” laptops)  (On my Windows XP machine, keyboard did not need any special drivers.. just plug-and-play. Keyboard connects to computer via two ps/2 connectors (one for keyboard, one for trackball/mouse)

Keyboard is brand new and not used and comes in white Options by IBM box.

Description on rear of box is for 101-key Keyboard with 25mm Trackball – AT style, but the keyboard cable included is the dual ps/2 model.  Item includes keyboard and cable (does not include 3.5-inch driver diskette or Users’ Guide or Warranty and support information)