1993 IBM model M5-1 (trackball) 1370478 21-SEP-93 NEW

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part#1370478 (model M5-1)
IBM logo blue text on gray logo
keycapsremoveable as one piece (key cap integrated into key stem)
cablespecialized dual-head ps/2 cable included (has outputs for keyboard and mouse
more infohttp://www.dansdata.com/clickykeyboards.htm
key switches clicky = buckling spring
commentskeyboard is brand new and has never been used
commentssmall trackball located in lower-left corner of keyboard next to directional keys can be used to control mouse movements and is similar in functionality to the trackball in the Blackberry “Pearl”
commentskeyboard is a very good buy for those looking for a true mechanical buckling-spring keyboard and is very good alternate to traditional 1391401 model M keyboard.
commentsAllows you to type and move mouse without removing hands from keyboard. Works similar to IBM trackpoint device. Can be either plugged in directly to ps/2 ports.. or can be adapted for use with USB systems with appropriate USB adapters (not included).
No software drivers necessary.. keyboard and integrated trackball are recognized as plug-and-play by Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 or Mac OS 9.2 or Mac OS X (10.1, 10.2, 10.3)