1993 IBM model M, custom color keys (52G9658) 06-26-93

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part# 52G9658
serial# 5386657
date 06-26-93
IBM logo blue text on gray logo
cable attached, coiled cable, ps/2 connector
key caps removable (two piece, key cap and key stem)
key switches clicky = buckling spring
condition keyboard has been lightly surfaced cleaned
comments One of kind keyboard.  I have collected 300-400 of these IBM model M keyboards and I have never seen any one that is similar to this.  Very rare.  Works just like a regular 1391401 model M keyboard.
comments Interesting keyboard with custom key caps in red (Esc/End) and blue (F1/clear, F6/Prev, F7/next, F11/person, F12, Insert/Help, Delete/Clear Field