1991 IBM model M (1394946) Made by IBM industrial gray 11-05-91

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date11-95-91 (23 years old)
IBM logosilver logo on black background
cableremovable, coiled cable, AT connector (black), includes metal AT to ps/2 adapter
key capsremovable (two piece, key stem + key cap)
key switchesclicky = buckling spring
Designed when “real” typing on a quality keyboard was a required skill to use a $4000 IBM personal computer.  PC Mag link
(pre-dates the then new mouse-click and graphical user interface operating system later to be known as Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 95)
conditionKeyboard pre-selected as good candidate and passed initial testing to confirm mechanical condition.  Upper keyboard case disassembled and individual 101 keys have been removed and fully cleaned by hand.  Inspection of interior plate.  Any missing rivets drilled out and replaced with M2 precision screws to restore internal integrity.  Interior plate vacuumed to remove foreign debris.  Keyboard re-assembled and re-tested post-cleaning. Individual photography of rear label.
commentsKeyboard originally came with early IBM industrial computer and color is typically described as gray, but we think that militay olive drab is a more accurate description of the color.
commentsThis keyboard is tested to work 100%. The keyboard assembly has been confirmed to be in functional, operational condition.  
commentsIBM model M in industrial gray case.  Includes very nice cardboard box and packaging.  All parts are IBM original and not third-party or built from left over parts.  The typical ebay seller or one-time forum seller would probably have one quick look and try to turn a quick buck and say that this is a “perfect” “like brand new” keyboard.  But we have carefully inspected the item and ClickyKeyboards would be proud to say that this is a very fine, rare specimen in excellent “restored” condition (but we’re not going to validate this keyboard as brand new). Over the past 11 years, ClickyKeyboards has built their reputation since 2004-2015 and was recently interviewed by theverge.com on the story of the greatest keyboard ever made.  No keyboard cleaning was needed, but on inspection of the internal case, there were 7 slightly loose plastic rivets that were removed and replaced with M2 x 4mm screws for restoration purposes.  See video on how our typical rivet restoration process.  Includes black SDL to AT cable with rare metal AT to ps/2 adapter (Made in Japan).  Additional time spent to carefully photograph and document this fine variant of “the greatest keyboard ever” and we would be proud to hand this rare variant to the next collector to utilize and appreciate over the next 30 years.