1991 Dell model M (old logo) (1397651) 07-19-91

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part# 1397651
serial# 5008059
date  07-19-91
IBM logo old style Dell logo gray text with two blue bars on white background
cable removable, coiled cable, ps/2 connector 
key caps removable
key switches clicky
condition In 1991 Dell was still a small manufacturer in Texas which primarily sold through warehouse clubs and computer superstores (before Internet e-commerce).  Originally founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, it did not launch the popular www.dell.com until 1994.
comments This 1991 keyboard is an early example of how Dell would re-brand or have other component companies construct computer parts (in this case Lexmark), and then have Dell logos applied.  This item is essentially an IBM 1391401 keyboard.
comments Has an interesting property sticker “US Government Property, Voss Scientific Job 24, Part No. 1079.1”.  Sticker in good condition and shows a little history of the previous life of the keyboard, but can also be easily removed by end buyer.