1990 IBM model M industrial space saving (1395682) 10-31-90

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date10-31-90  (15 years old)
IBM logo gray text on olive drab logo
cablenew IBM SDL to ps/2 cable included (standard length cable, new) 1393120
key caps removable (two part key stem + key cap), includes customized key caps in blue
key switches clicky = buckling spring
conditionVery rare 84-key IBM space saver keyboard made for IBM industrial ps/2 series.  Color is olive drab – gray.  We have not seen previous references to this keyboard on the Internet.  (One of a kind? Engineering prototype?)
commentsIncludes brand new SDL to ps/2 cable
commentsSimilar to the classic 1391401 or 42H1292 buckling spring keyboards, but this keyboard only has 84 keys and does not have numeric keypad.  You can still switch to numeric keypad mode by using the key combination of “SHIFT” + “NUM LK/SCR LK” keys (between print screen and pause keys.)