100-piece keyset from Marquette/Unicomp model M for GE Medical Systems Cardiology

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100-piece keyset from Marquette/Unicomp model M.  Compatible with standard IBM Model M buckling-spring keyboards (1391401, 1390131, 1390120, 42H1292, 52G9658)

Keyboard originally attached to medical equipment in cardiac cath lab.

Key lettering in excellent condition and shows no wear.

  • Set includes (2) Ctrl and Esc and (4) arrow keys which are among the most often requested (and lost keys) on vintage model M keyboards.
  • Shift keys have blue printing.
  • Action keys have green printing.
  • “Save” and Numpad enter key is labelled as “Meas” has red printing.
  • Some keys have multi-color printing (black alpha letters and green sub legends, e.g., 20mmHg, Clin Proc, Meds, Stat Vitals, Rad, O2 Sat)
  • Some keys have black symbols and magenta sublegends, e.g., Sweep up arrow, Sweep down arrow, Gain down arrow and Gain up arrow).

Majority of keys are one piece (keycap integrated into key stem).  Number pad keys in yellow and Emerg Save in red are 2-part key cap + key stem).

Black plastic barrel frame not included.  Spacebar not included.  Keys will be removed from black frame and keys will be shipped loose in plastic bag.  Refer to these photos during reassembly in order to determine correct positions.

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