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IBM model M 1391401 (white label) 1987 - 1992
IBM model M 1391401 (blue label) 1992 - 1996
IBM model M (silver label) 1986 - 1989
IBM model M 1393464 (white label) 1987 - 1992
IBM model M (blue label) 1993 - 1996
IBM model M 42H1292 (blue label) 1995 - 1999
IBM model M (51G8572) 1993 - 1997
keyboards (new: never been used)
Rare IBM model M keyboards
IBM model M (industrial ps/2 model)
IBM model M (soft touch buckling spring)
IBM model M space saving (84-key)
IBM model M2 (1395300 ps/1 model)
IBM model M4-1 (trackpoint)
IBM model M5-1 (trackball)
IBM model M5-2 (trackball)
IBM model M13 black (Trackpoint II)
IBM model M13 white (Trackpoint II)
IBM model M15 (split ergonomic)
other model M keyboards (Lexmark, Dell)
IBM PC XT original keyboard (83-key)
IBM PC AT original keyboard (84-key) 1984 - 1985
IBM model M international keyboard layouts
IBM non-clicky (rubber dome) keyboards
ps2 keyboard to USB adapter converters
model M small parts (springs, feet, screws, keys)
replacement model M SDL to ps/2 keyboard cables
IBM model M replacement key caps
Japanese keyboards

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We have been proud to sell clicky, vintage model M keyboards and to equip hundreds thousands of users throughout the world with the one, true keyboard.


Afghanistan*  (US airman stationed in Bagram Air Base), Argentina , Aruba , Australia , Austria , Bahrain , Belgium , Bosnia and Herzeogvina , Bulgaria , Brazil , Canada , Chile , China , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Dominican Republic , Finland , France , Hungary , Germany , Greece , Guatemala , Guam , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Iraq*  (UK Royal Marine stationed in Basra), Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Luxembourg , Morroco , Malaysia , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Qatar , Romania , Russia , Singapore , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sri Lanka , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Turkey Ukraine , United Kingdom , United States of America    


Comments from previous buyers.

With the new keys, I can't even tell my 1390131 (SN# 1090075, date 18 Sep 86) is just a bit shy of 30 years of age. Still works perfectly and looks great after a thorough cleaning. Thanks again for helping me bring this wonderful keyboard back to life.

- Jeffrey D (Maryland)

The keyboard is finally at my hands! I'm typing this message using my '88 Model M, and I'm very pleased :) Everything is working fine, and I get nostalgic memories from using it.  I grew up typing on a Model M, but I did not realize what I had back then. I lost my Model M when our family moved, and then when I got into mechanical keyboards, I quickly remembered that I once had a Model M, which I could not find anymore. This Model M from you guys definitely brings back my memories of my childhood, which is my primary reason for buying this keyboard.

Thank you for replacing the keys, and for the great service!

- Evan A. (Philippines)

PS2/USB Converter is here safe and sound, and it WORKS!!! I can use my IBM-M keyboard again. This is simply GREAT.  (delivery to Spain means 20 days, for your stats)
- Pablo A. (Madrid, Spain)

The one true keyboard is working flawlessly on my work computer ......  the PS2 to USB converter is excellent.... I can once again hear the beatiful sound of my typing and have great mechanical feedback for each keystroke..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH
- Manuel P. (Cambridge, MA)

I just received my keyboard (4/14) and it is absolutely gorgeous! looks and works perfectly. also packaging was excellent. thank you for your all around professional approach.
- Giorgos S. (Athens, Greece)

Hi - I've had my NOS Model M for almost a year (3/9/10) and it's still in perfect shape (4/13/11). I'm from the generation that was never taught to type, but I can still get 50+ WPM with this guy. Colleagues on conference calls are AMAZED at the sound. You'd be surprised how many people can identify it, if not by its proper name, as the "old IBM keyboard". Many say, "I wish I had kept mine." I do, too, but luckily I found you. Best regards.
- Dirk O. (Kentucky)

I received my model M today (3/24) and I just wanted to let you guys know that I am in love with your service. This keyboard is in pristine condition and was worth every dime and more for the apparent work you put into the housekeeping of your products. Thanks once again for the great care and handling.
- Skyler L, (California)

For the last several years, I've been saying that this or that keyboard is just not as satisfying as my old "clicky keyboard"... and with my latest computer, I once again started that same song and dance. THIS time, the keys are flatter, and closer together and I often find myself hitting the caps lock instead of the shift key. Little did I know that my desire to have a clicky keyboard was as simple as discovering YOU. So now, we wait for it to arrive. I have great hopes... but at any rate, thank you for being here!
- Martha D. (Michigan)

This is absolutely spectacular. I haven’t had an ergonomic keyboard in years, and that was really beginning to show in my wrists. I’m a frugal person by nature, and having saved the keyboard I’m typing on since high school, I was loathe to abandon it for a $60+ USB solution. Your converter worked like a charm from the first instance. Thank you! (5/25)
- Noah N. (Virginia)

My keyboard arrived today (5/18) and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. It's great! Your customer service was first class!
- Libby M (Australia)


You guys are great! I bought one of these the other day (5/14) for my Mac at home and it works PERFECTLY!!!!!!! Now I’m getting another one. You’re so professional…such fast service…quick response to my questions…if only government could operate like you do…I can’t say enough good things about you.
- Angie A. (Georgia)


I finally did it... after buying a house, and then a real desk, I figured I should set up a real workspace, and appropriately ergonomically. So I now have a 25" LCD monitor, obsessively tracked down a used example of my favorite cordless mouse, now discontinued, and then started my search for a decent keyboard. Everything at the local computer emporium left me cold, except for one very expensive SIIG mechanical-switch keyboard. I actually found your site after reading a thread on and I thought to myself, "self, you know, I do remember those old IBM keyboards being better than this expensive new thing that I'm using." (had one at my last job, because I just inherited it and I guess nobody else appreciated its feel the way I did.) The main thing about the IBM is that the keys don't "wobble" as much when you hit them. It's a little thing but it really makes a difference in the feel. Not sure if it has any effect on my typing speed but I just like to feel that I'm using quality equipment. So I ordered one of your NOS Lexmark-made keyboards and it was good (4/25/10). Then my fiancee tried it and wanted one of her own. So I started watching eBay, found another one, bought it, and it was good too - except one of the key caps was missing. So I kept looking... found a real HTG 1391401 that went for cheap maybe because it was dirty and the F12 key cap was missing - figured it'd be good to scavenge caps from. Well wouldn't you know it I'm typing you this message on that same dirty keyboard and I have to say that I can tell the difference between it and the Lexmark ones. The action feels a little softer and it's a little bit quieter (not quiet, mind you, just comparatively speaking) and of all of them I think I like this one the best. So I just broke down and ordered the extra key caps I needed for both of my eBay purchases plus a couple extra spare parts just to fill out a minimum order. I now have three of these beasts plus the SIIG that I regret spending the money on. I guess I will just wait for someone to properly appreciate my keyboard and I'll make their day with a gift of one of the Lexmark-made ones :) I guess, thanks for giving me yet another thing to obsess about. I'm now apparently an official keyboard snob.
- Nathan N. (Virginia)


Thank you so much.  My 1994 IBM Model M Keyboard arrived today (12/6/09). I'm using it now - I forgot how much I missed using this keyboard. It is just terrific. I think my wife wants one now!
- Stuart K. (Missouri)



Today I got your parcel (10/31/09), in Malaysia, It took 10 days to reach me, The package was in very good external conditions, You have done a very nice packaging, after opening the package, I found , only  Alt key, ctrl key and  ESc  key caps (from the same side) are separated from the second key cap piece, and also beneath the spacebar, the upper casing is little separated from the lower frame, I think that could be due to shipments abuse, The packing you guys put have done their wonderful job to protect the keyboard, I have fixed the 3 keys by pressing them back and pressed back the upper and lower frame together again, and here I go..
I am typing my first words to you guys to say one word, thank you very much for making my dreams a reality, I was dreaming to use this keyboard again. After I use it to write my BSc final year project in 1996, I am doing my PhD now in 2009 in Malaysia and I will enjoy using it to write my PhD thesis in the near future. 
Keep all the good work
 - Omar W. (Malaysia)

Just wanted to thank you for the superb service offered by your site.  The keyboard (and adaptor) subject to the order below was delivered today at approximately 1pm in the afternoon (9/1/09).  All in perfect working order, plugged it straight into my Apple Mac, modified the preferences as per your help section and ..  ... what else would I type if not a thank you mail.  This certainly is in a separate league to the keyboards that I am accustomed to and worth all your efforts to keep them in circulation.  If I can afford to buy another in the future, to plug in at work, I may well do so, as it will be quite a disappointment now each day, with the contrast to the keyboard I have at home!  thanks again, from another happy convert.
- Steve C. (Great Britain)

Oh, many, many hugs to you for sending me a new Model M keyboard (7/23/09). My poor old Model M has been in constant use since it's conception in 1993. It's gotten a tad wiggy about the shift key, etc. After 16 years, it's now getting a well deserved retirement. Thanks again. NO OTHER KEYBOARD WILL DO! (Typing this on the new "M".) Again, many hugs! ;o)
- Julie W. (Missouri)

USB/PS2 adaptor/converter
After spending over $80.00 on devices promising to make my old and much loved HP keyboard, your device actually worked. It got here in 3 days (7/9/09), we plugged it in, and there it went. I am so happy not to have to use the new flimsy keyboards. I do medical transcription, type 8 hours a day, and go through at least 2 keyboards a year. Thank you so much!!

- Kathi B. (Washington)

I have picked up my keyboard today (5/11/09) and I'm typing on it right now. I can't tell you how happy I am! It's a thrill ride! As a freelance translator, I spend 5 to 8 hours a day typing and this keyboard has turned my job into sheer pleasure. I guess I forgot how good it felt when I last used one, back in the 90's. And you are to be commended for making these awesome keyboards available in new condition! My deepest gratitude!
- Florin U., (Romania)

I received my 2 orders quite promptly (5/05/09) and I am impressed, delighted and thankful I found your website. I recently got a new tower that had only usb ports and my ps/2 keyboard and mouse were not functioning well. I happened upon your site when I was just looking for an explanation and read about an 'active vs passive adapter'. I ordered this first and kept going back to your site intrigued by the hype around the keyboards and your obvious passion for this product.

After 10 years and never having been particularly satisfied with the many keyboards (and mice) I have tried I timidly paid the price for another attempt to be rid of the 'mush' under my fingertips. What an
astounding difference! Nothing has ever even come close to the key response from this board. It is like a breath of the freshest air that almost draws me to use this device. The tactile feedback gives me an
impressive amount of control and involvement in the composition. It is so much more than touch. Thank you for keeping this product alive and noticed in the world.

- James B. (Toronto, Canada)

Thanks for all your help I just picked up the keyboard at the post office (4/8/09) and I have to say it is the best keyboard that I have ever typed on in my life and it significantly increases my typing speed even more so than my apple extended keyboard 2!! I have to say that this has been an excellent experience and I will be recommending your website to all my friends. Thanks again.
- Mason B-C. (Bermuda)

Fantastic Work.  I'm happy to report I've just recieved my 1987 Model M (1/27/09) and I'm amazed at the condition. I know Model M's are built the survive the apcolypse, but the responsive feel after 21 years of service is shocking. A great step up over my previous keyboard, sadly dome-based 71G4644 Model M. Phenominal job cleaning the keycaps, everything is pristine. The guys at work were impressed, thought slightly pissed at the noise. Long story short you've done an amazing job and I look forward to getting more M's to replace every crap keyboard I have
- Jason W. (Ontario, Canada)

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase (12/16) (unused 82G2383). I am a 3D Character Animator just finishing up with school. I work primarily in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop, programs that depend heavily on keyboard shortcuts. After two years of missed keystrokes on my mushy Microsoft keyboard, I was about to go crazy. I have a deep respect for finely made tools, and I was ecstatic to find that someone is working to preserve these keyboards. I really appreciate what you're doing here. In today's disposable world of computers, it's refreshing to see something that's truly worth holding onto. My Model M sits proudly next to my Wacom tablet and my 3DConnexion as the finest tools available to the digital artist. Thanks to Clicky Keyboards for introducing me to the Model M. You made it possible for me to have my own little piece of computer history. I'm practically the first person to use these keys. To me, that's something special.
- Damon R. (Maryland)

Received order - thanks.  Hi, Just received my package. All looks OK. Thank you again for fast service (ordered on 11/24, received internationally on 12/2) , and making this available in the first place. Best regards,
- Burak K (Istanbul, Turkey)

Just purchase a model M from you (11/21) and I couldn't be happier. i was a little anxious about buying due to the price, however, upon receiving the keyboard, it is obvious to me that it was well worth the price tag. the shipping was very fast. the packaging was very well done, and made me feel like you care about the keyboards even after they leave your warehouse. all of my friends are insanely jealous of my new "clickyboard," and i have given every single one of them your web address. probably one of the single best purchases i have ever made. you have certainly made a lifelong customer, and i cannot wait to buy another model m from you.
- Danny K. (Arizona)

I received my 2 new keyboards today (11/15) and I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to be able to type normally again!  Had my previous keyboard for 12 years and it finally gave out after years of abuse and spills. Have looked high and low for these keyboards and am so happy to have found your site!  The packaging was excellent and these look amazing!  It is obvious you take great pride in your work.  Expecting these will last nearly forever, but if I ever need another one, I will definitely buy from you again!  A friend tried it out this morning and was amazed so hopefully that is your first referral from me. Thanks again, I am one happy typer again :-)
- Laura K. (Colorado)

I am typing this with my new "clicky" keyboard - it's just what I wanted and takes me back to my early secretarial days when I used an IBM golf ball machine!  It arrived safely on Monday (15 Sep 2008) - very quick delivery, thank you. And thank you, too, for your courteous and efficient service.  Kind regards.
- Jillian M. (Great Britain)

I forgot how good these keyboards are - I'm ordering a second one for home. (9/22)
- Charles S. (Cambridge, MA)

Enjoying my new IBM model M...PERFECT

Earlier, I emailed you guys asking if there was any way to fix the sticky spacebar on my new IBM model M keyboard (9/08).  Well, the problem went away completely in a couple of days, and I have used this baby without any problems since.  The weight of the keyboard means I can have the edge hanging over the lip of my keyboard tray, giving me more room for the mouse, and the thing doesn't budge.  The feel is absolutely outstanding, and my typing speed has increased by at least 10 wpm.  I love the machinegun sound it makes when you really get up to speed on this bad boy.  Makes you feel like a computer hacker. 

I just wanted to send a word of thanks for digging this *unused* gem out of some warehouse, and selling it to me for such a reasonable price. 

- Gerald M. (Texas)

I love my brand new, made in 1995, Model M. It's the only thing I own which is "the best ever made." Thanks (9/01).
- Lenny P. Technical Writer (Israel)

I got my Model M keyboard today and my HP computer immediately accepted it via the adapter/converter you sent along with it.  It's great to be able to type a whole sentence with no errors due to brushing neighboring keys.  Many thanks.  I'm so glad I found your site (8/28).
- Steve S. (Pennsylvania)

Hi, Received my IBM Model M today, I absolutely love it already. Was clean as, feels like new. Thanks heaps mate! I posted up some pictures on Flickr Cheers (8/28),
- Michael K. (Australia)

Hey guys, I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and express how absolutely pleased I am with my new model M. I just got it in today actually having purchased on Wednesday (08/06/08). And I'm still within my first hour of using it. I'm coming from a Dell AT101W keyboard and while it's a solid board, the model M absolutely blows it out of the water. I purchased one of the 1995 models and like I've said a few times now, I'm amazed at how much I enjoy this board. Thanks for running this site and selling these great boards. You guys rock!
- Thomas P. (Indiana)

I ordered one over the past weekend. I received it yesterday (8/08). It was installed this morning on my Northgate keyboard and works perfectly. If only all service and products could be so nearly perfect. Thank you very much.

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